Dawn Of A New Light by Douglas Blue Feather

Item: CD-DNL

On Dawn Of A New Light multi national award winner Douglas Blue Feather combines the ancient haunting sound of the Native American flute with contemporary soundscapes to create a musical celebration of joy, hope, and peace for the human family as we birth a new age in our spiritual journey.

Dawn Of A New Light Tracks:
01. Look to the Sky 5:08
02. Dream of the Dreamer 6:31
03. Wish Upon a Star 5:15
04. Visions in the Night 5:39
05. The Last Warrior 5:20
06. Dawn of a New Light 4:47
07. Radiant Sun 5:54
08. Bless the Rainforest 4:20
09. Circle of Life 4:37
10. Journey Within 5:20
11. Evolution 4:39
12. Enchanted 4:12
13. Dance of Attunement 4:24


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