Spirit Of The Flute by Douglas Blue Feather

Item: CD-09
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Indian Summer Music Award Nominee "Best Native American Flute" CD

Spirit Of The Flute is a collection of peaceful solo Native American flute songs played from the heart. If you like just the flute without any other instruments, check this one out.

01. In The Canyon 4:26
02. Look To The West 4:41
03. People Of Peace 5:16
04. Children Of The Sky 4:37
05. Walk Gently 4:13
06. Spirit Of The Flute 3:32
07. Two Worlds 2:39
08. Chasing Clouds 3:22
09. Alone In The Past 4:22
10. Call Of The Elk 4:26
11. Shadows On The Wall 4:43
12. Fire Dance 3:41
13. The Gathering 5:12


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