Spirit Of The Flute by Douglas Blue Feather

Item: CD-09
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Indian Summer Music Award Nominee "Best Native American Flute" CD

Spirit Of The Flute is a collection of peaceful solo Native American flute songs played from the heart. If you like just the flute without any other instruments, check this one out.

Spirit Of The Flute Tracks:
01. In The Canyon 4:26
02. Look To The West 4:41
03. People Of Peace 5:16
04. Children Of The Sky 4:37
05. Walk Gently 4:13
06. Spirit Of The Flute 3:32
07. Two Worlds 2:39
08. Chasing Clouds 3:22
09. Alone In The Past 4:22
10. Call Of The Elk 4:26
11. Shadows On The Wall 4:43
12. Fire Dance 3:41
13. The Gathering 5:12


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