A beautiful looking and sounding flute - The Crow Flute - key of "G" minor is made from ebonized walnut, a hardwood, and inlaid with turquoise which adds to the natural beauty of the flute.

Ebonizing is a process used in the early 1900s. Unlike a stain, the ebonizing process penetrates the wood fiber deeply. Walnut is ideal for this process because it has a dark brown grain that streaks through the black dye giving it a similar look to ebony. This process slightly enhances the sound quality of the wood. This Crow Flute is a good accompaniment flute for the Contra Bass "G" flute The flute is keyed in the key of "G" minor and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "A#"/"Bb". It has 6 holes and comes with a leather tie that easily converts it into a 5-hole flute. When comfortable just remove the leather tie and experience the use of the 6-hole. Length 23.5". Each flute includes a free "How To Play The Native American Flute" Book and DVD (Item 26 - DVD & Booklet - How To Play The Native American Flute)


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14 - Crow with Turquoise Inlay - G - Ebonized Walnut - Sample

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